Creative Explorations

Over the years there have been several related creative explorations that have emerged from Bibliodrama.  Here is a sampling.

Bibliodramatic Storytelling with Masks

SlideShowSince 2005, Peter has been using Bibliodrama as a form of story-telling, and has been making masks to assist in those performances. The pictures in the  slide show will give some idea of the materials used in this mask work. In this particular event featured here — at the North Country Reform Temple in Glen Cove, New York — Peter presented a mask-storytelling workshop to seventy five kindergarten-to-seventh graders and their parents. The presentation was followed by their own mask-making projects. Several days later he worked with teens in the same way. The masks they made were intended to become part of family Seders.

Peter is available to offer these mask-performances for schools, teachers, and at community events. He has developed a curriculum in order to teach these skills to storytellers, Bibliodramatists, teachers, and artists. Contact Peter for more information.


Explora Torah and Inter-plays

Explora Torah was developed by Peter with Elizabeth Yaari to work with Jewish communities on Long Island and surrounding areas.  It is now largely Elizabeth’s project and offers a variety of experiences.

Inter-Play is the generic name for Interactive Readers Theater. Inter-plays are scripts to be performed as readings, requiring little rehearsal, no props, sets, or costumes. Each Inter-Play features a Narrator who both sets the stage for the reading and conducts spontaneous interactions with the audience. There are designated places in each script for such interactions, opportunities for the audience to take part, to comment, to question, even to role play the characters.

The first part of each of the scripts is included on this site to give you an idea of style and format. IRT scripts are suited for the classroom as well as special gatherings. Scripts may be leased. Explora-Torah is available to help you perform IRT’s in your community. 

All interactive productions are constructed to run 1 hour.

For  booking information go to Explora Torah

List of IRT Plays:

1. Joy Comes in the Morning: Marriage is the theme, the bride and groom are from very different worlds with and an old man’s tallit the bond between them. Based on the novel of the same name, this IRT production ends with an original niggun created by Cantor Danielle Bensimhon.

2. The Bones of Joseph: Legacy is the theme and the power of story to keep dreams alive. This Torah-based drama invites the audience to think about those things in our lives which have history and promise.

3. Whither Thou Goest: The theme of this play is the courage it takes to follow a dream. Based on the Book of Ruth and ideal for Shavuot, this play looks at the lives of Ruth and Naomi.

4. Saying Yes / Saying No: Based on the Book of Esther, this play focuses on Vashti and Esther as role models of women who stand up to their fears for the sake of their values.

5. Lecha Dodi: A Play about Shabbat: Five Sabbath Brides gather to talk about their work


The Bibliodramatic Actor

This workshop is designed to deepen a person’s experience of one character in the Bible and to then be able to go to various venues as that character and interact with groups in character.  Contact Peter for more information.



Bibliotherapy uses role playing to allow clients to work on personal and spiritual issues by stepping into the role of a Bible character.  Contact Susan for more information.



Peter has created a large number of collage pieces based on the Bible. They can be seen at Peter’s Illuminated Torah.