History of Bibliodrama/Bibliolog


Parts of this story have already been told in both of the books I have written: first in Our Fathers’ Wells: A Personal Encounter with the Myths of Genesis (Harper 1995), and in  Scripture Windows: Towards a Practice of Bibliodrama (Torah Aura 1999). Other parts have been told orally in lectures, workshops and in personal conversations either by myself, by my wife Susan, or by other men and women who have been part of the development of this work. While this present account does not purport to be exhaustive, it is accurate to the best of our knowledge and should provide an interested reader or student with a round introduction to the method, to the movement, and to some of the key figures who have brought both to their present state. (2012)

You will see that this is a composite history, which we hope will be written in several voices and by several hands. In form this account is what, in computing, is called an open source, allowing parties who have some piece of this complex history to share their perspective and therefore to build a more complete record.

This present account is the work of Peter and Susan Pitzele. See the links below for each entry.   European additions are welcome.

Finally, a note on the name. In its first incarnation (1984-1997) this work was called “The Psychodrama of the Bible.” In its second incarnation and still known as such in the United States, Finland, Canada, Italy and Israel, it is called “Bibliodrama.” And in its third incarnation subsequent to 1997 and in most of Europe, it is called “Bibliolog.”


Peter’s History of Bibliodrama/Bibliolog

Susan’s History of Bibliodrama/Bibliolog