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In 1997 Peter and Susan went to Europe, where Peter was a keynote speaker at the European Bibliodrama Conference in Germany.  We did not know there  was bibliodrama in Europe.  We learned that in the European form of bibliodrama a passage in the Bible was used as inspiration for long explorations in small groups of psychological and spiritual issues.  The drama also did not have to be consistent with what is written in the Bible.  Some participants at that conference were very excited to learn that the Pitzele form can be used in large groups, even for sermons, and does not allow for additions or changes to the text.  In much of Europe this text-centered method of Bibliodrama is now called Bibliolog and the Bibliolog Network  has trainings for certification.

As of the summer of 2013 Bibliolog has spread from Germany  to many countries including Austria, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Kongo, Kamerun, and South Africa.  See the Muchlinsky article below.

Bibliodrama/Bibliolog in Europe by Frank Muchlinsky circa 2006

  Update 2013 

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Interfaith Bibliodrama by Yael Unterman

Update on International Intercultural Bibliodrama by Yael Unterman 2011-2013

Basics Project  Networking for Bibliodramatists 

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Pitzele Bibliodrama was first brought to  Israel in 2006.   In addition to this form, there are varieties of creative bibliodramas now being practiced in Israel, some using a  mythological approach, some using costumes, and some allowing for departures from—even contradictions to— the text.  We use the word bibliodrama (with the small “b”) to represent these forms and Bibliodrama (capitalized) to represent the text-centered Pitzele method as it has been represented in trainings in the US and Europe.  Bibliodrama was never intended to be restrictive, but it is good to make this distinction so that people who want careful adherence to the Bible will know they can count on that.

Bibliodrama in Israel  by Yoram Kanzler 2008

Bibliodrama in Israel  by Yael Unterman 2013